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Ruyen Ormskerk

I have a passion for research and optimizing business processes. To help businesses find solutions to more or less complex situations. I love to work in an environment where people can learn from each other and listen to each other regardless of their position.

Amsterdam, Amstelveen




Eager to learn



Area of expertise

  • Analyzing current business processes and recognizing points for improvement to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Quick insight into all in- and output that is required for a well-functioning business process.
  • Short and long term solutions; set up processes in such a way that they are aligned with future plans, but are also workable in the current situation.

Favorite type of project

  • System implementations
  • Optimization of several cohesive processes, when it was not initially thought that they would be related
  • Interlacing of  business-structure and business-culture
  • Finding solutions in complex situations


  • Implementation of SharePoint Intranet
  • AFAS implementation; specifically the implementation of a Course Portal 
  • Setting up administrative processes for the Learning & Development department, based on customer journey analysis


  • BSc Business Administration


  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Mirosoft Workspace
  • Afas
  • Nedap ONS

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+316 – 51 00 4786

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