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Together we create the strategy for your HR department. Organize your digital software en tooling, creating policies, benefit programs, performance management and beyond.

HR Consultancy

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The best HR strategies for your employees.

Our HR experts will together with your team create efficient ways of working on the administration. Besides that we help you to set-up your local company policies, implement software and tooling, create the perfect employee journey, so (new) employees feel part of the organization.

Recent work

HR Consultancy projects

Stichting OPSPOOR

Implemented new ways of working for the entire HR department. Digitalized all HR processes in VISMA for a smooth employee administration. Based on the new way of working, policies have been updated and there is a full employee Intranet to find answers on HR related questions without contacting the HR department. After fully testing and optimizing the digital processes we’ve implemented HelloID as an IAM tool. Laptops and accounts are ready in time for welcoming new employees. Access is taken away automatically for leavers.

The Social Hub HR System

Together with the HR team we have implemented the HR system Personio.
Important in these projects is that the vision on the end product is clear. How do we want the organisational chart looks like for employees, the importance of reporting for all departments involved and how to change the current processes to the new way of working with all functionalities Personio offers.
We have implemented employee files, set-up all workflows, imported employee data and created absence for 6 European countries. 
We’ve organized the project management for all stakeholders in Monday.

The Social Hub Recruitment CRM

For the Recruitment team we have implemented the CRM tool Greenhouse.
All 6 European countries are implemented in Greenhouse. Here we took the time to have a clear view on the functionalities and outcome. All jobs and future jobs based on growth potential and resource planning where imported. The Horeca CAO, organisational chart and hiring managers where linked to the correct vacancies.
A training to all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process have been trained on the use and do’s and dont’s of Greenhouse. This was an essential part of the implementation due to the complexities of the set-up.

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We deliver top-notch results to grow your business


Getting something done is always linked to several processes which we always closely investigate.


How to automate your processes and still involve the entire team.


We never sell a no. There is always a (creative) way to get things done.


We closely cooperate with the team to get the best results.

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Every HR department is facing exciting challenges every day. With our support HR projects will be taken care. Together we are able to make your HR department the place for your employees to feel safe and receive answers they need.

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